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 Boston Bailliage

2018 Event Schedule

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additional events may be added

Cher Confrère et Consoeurs

Continuing the tradition of gastronomy at the highest level that is the hallmark of the Boston Chaîne we present brightest culinary lights that Boston has to offer

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All dates and locations subject to change - additional events may be added


Les Petite Chaînes d'automne


Modnay, October 29th & Tuesday October 30th


Boston Chaîne Soirée de Charité à Noël avec

~Jacques Pépin~

Boston Chaîne Holiday Charity Chapitre & Induction Gala

 with Jacques Pépin

to Benefit

The Greater Boston Food Bank 

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Omni Parker House



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The Boston Chaîne is actively growing our membership and we welcome you to Invite those you think would like to share in the Chaîne experience.

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 Local & National Dues

Those with local or national dues in arrears will be charged non-member price for events.

Looking forward to dining with you now and into the future

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Images from:

 Les Chapître du Nöel

Intronization Gala

December 13th 2015 

BOND at The Langham Hotel Boston


December 14th 2014 

Meritage at The Boston Harbor Hotel

(and other recent events)


Chambelan Provincial Nord-est, Bailli de Boston Marshall L. Berenson, Bronze Star of Excellence Recipient Vice Concelier Culinaire Daniel T. Bruce and Bailli Provincial Nord-est Gabor Huszar, M.D.Boston Noel 1Bos 16Boston Noel 2Bos 15Boston Noel 5Bos 13Boston Noel 6Bos 12Boston Noel 7Bos 11Boston Noel 10Bos 10Boston Noel 12Bos 9Boston Noel 11Bos 8Boston Noel 9Bos 7Boston Noel 4Bos 6Boston Noel 14Bos 5Boston Noel 13Bos 4Boston Noel 8Bos 3Bos 2Bos 1Boston Noel 15Boston Noel 16Boston Noel 17Boston Noel 18Boston Noel 19Boston Noel 20Boston Noel 21Boston Noel 22Boston Noel 23Boston Noel 24UPCOMING BOSTON CHAÎNE EVENTSBoston Chaine Recommended RestaurantsBoston Chaîne Past EventsContact Boston Chaîne Induction Photos - December 13th, 2015Boston Bailliage Local Dues 2018-2019
MLB KLB GB  Assemblage

Chambellan Provincial Nord-est,Bailli de Boston Marshall Berenson, Officier Maître Traîteur Kathy LaShay Berenson & Bailli Délégué Éstas-Unis Honoraire George Brown

3 Bailli & VCG

Vice Concelier Gastronomique Camilo Gutierrez, M.D., Chambellan Provincial Nord-est, Bailli Marshall L. Berenson, Bailli Honoraire Avram Goldberg and Bailli Provincial Nord Est Honoraire John J. Vyhnanek  

Bos 14

Chambellan Provincial Nord-est, Bailli de Boston Marshall L. Berenson, Bronze Star of Excellence Recipient Vice Concelier Culinaire Daniel T. Bruce and Bailli Provincial Nord-est Gabor Huszar, M.D.

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