Petite Chaîne du Printemps - SRV April 23rd, 2017

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The Bailliage de Boston de la Confrèrie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs cordially invites you to

Le Petite Chaîne du Printemps



Sunday April 23, 2017

Spring Thaw at a new hot-spot


Spring seems to never arrive in Boston but our Ancient Marathon brings with it a sense of warmth and camaraderie that makes the cold weather seem just a memory. And so the weekend after the crowds of galloping guests depart our city upon a hill the Boston Bailliage meets for a spring celebration to welcome the warmer weather. Our venue choices at this time of year are myriad with new produce arriving daily and an embarrassment of riches is never to be trifled with. The Boston Bailliage is blessed with just that when it comes to wonderful options for dinner locations and among the many outstanding new restaurants in in town SRV is hailed as a standout. Nominated as James Beard Best New Restaurant Northeast this season, the SRV team was thrilled to show their skills and talents with a wonderful menu of Venetian style small plates that are their specialty. The dynamic culinary duo of Chef Michael Lombardi and Chef Kevin O’Donnell are rapidly evolving into two of the most talented rising star chefs in Boston and Sommelier Ted Hawkins’ pairing prowess insures that the wines are as delicious as the dishes.

So, upon arrival the assembled were treated to an extended reception with the requisite bubbles featuring molto delizioso sfizzi in the Venetian style and much convivial conversation with our friends who may have been over-wintering in warmer climes. The dinner was executed exquisitely with Chefs Lombardi and O’Donnell trading off giving a description of what we were about to enjoy.

At evening’s end, full of comestibles, we all were ready for our spring awakening!

Vive la Chaîne!

Vive la Chaîne!

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