Petite Chaîne de l'été - Loyal Nine - August 2015

1. Officer-Maître Traiteur Kathy LaShay Berenson, Dame Kerry Rosengarten, Dame Jennifer Murakami, Dame Graziella Abu-Jawdeh, M.D., Chevalier William Frezza, Ms. Ellen Gaucher, Professional du Vin Stephen Gaucher, Chevalier Daniel Rosengarten2. The assembled group on the “Trackside Patio”3. Chevalier Daniel Rosengarten and Dame Kerry Rosengarten4. The Tracks5. Littleneck Clams with Ginger vinegar + chili water6. Happy diners – Ms. Ellen Gaucher, Dame Kelly Rosengarten, Ms. Margaret Bell and Officer-Maître Traiteur Kathy LaShay Berenson7. Littleneck Clams with Ginger vinegar + chili water8. Grilled Surf Clam with soft leeks + pickled garlic scapes, Chatham Scallop with late summer tomatoes + poppy seed and Littleneck Clams with Ginger vinegar + chili water10. Confit Veal Breast with onions + caper sauce and grilled leek11. Plate Presentation - Chambelan Provincial Nord-Est, Bailli de Boston Marshall L. Berenson, Proprietor Daniel Myers, Chef Marc Sheehan and Proprietor Rebecca Theris

Loyal Nine

Le Petite Chaîne de l'été

Loyal Nine

Monday August 31st

Modern Colonial Gastronomy

Boston Chaîne events offer a contrast of modern and traditional thus the kick off to Boston’s 2015-2016 50th anniversary season at Loyal Nine in Cambridge, a super new “Modern Colonial” the hot spot – named one of Bon Appetite’s best new restaurants for 2015 - was such a contrast and more. In up-and-coming Boho, East Cambridge, nestled along side the cross town railroad tracks, Chef Marc Sheehan and his partners Rebecca Theris & Daniel Myers are making truly inventive dishes harkening back to New England’s colonial culinary traditions featuring a top of the market, locally sourced, East Coast revival flair. The hot summer weather allowed the reception to flow onto their track-side patio space and while the scrumptious hors d’oeuvres were passed no train was attendant. (The Boston Chaîne was truly on the wrong side of the tracks.) Inside the dinner was served in the rough hewn dining room featuring dishes of fish & shellfish with a stand out family style shared course of Pork Fat roasted Husk Cherries with sea salt paired with a Jolly Pumpkin Artian Ale - Non-traditional to say the least! Copious and ample courses satisfied our modern-colonial appetites and, after the traditional Plate Presentation off our assembled went, like Paul Revere, into the evening darkness.


Vive la Chaîne!

Vive la Chaîne!!

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