Chef's Table Series - Shepard February 28th & March 1st, 2017

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Chef's Table Series

Boston’s winter weather can be rather inclement to say the least and 2017 proved this again to be true. Many of Boston’s Bailliage members head to warmer climes for the duration but the sturdy and stoic stay the snowy course. Rather than delay satisfying our gastronomic urges until spring’s warmth returns we choose to trudge through the snow and join together for one our Chef’s Tables Series; small dinners held at the intimate tasting tables of our top flight restaurants.

Shepard is the exceptionally highly regarded restaurant of James Beard Best Chef Northeast Winner Susan Regis. Having opened in 2016 we were thrilled to secure two successive nights at her coveted Chef’s table close by the open fire cooking pit that her kitchen is based around. The wood infused flavors of her cuisine coupled with her highly innovative combination of farm to table, in house curing & fermentation techniques and passion for highly unusual ingredients were harbingers of a wondrous wintertime gastronomic adventure and why Shepard was awarded an unheard of 4 stars from the Boston Globe. The beverage pairings by co-owner Rene Becker, also of Boston favorite High Rise Bakery, were equally bold and adventurous.

We had the privilege of the company of Young Chef Northeast Winner and National Young Chef competitor Christopher Viaud and his team from the new haute dining venue Cabonnay in Manchester New Hampshire on the first of the evenings and Chef Viaud was inducted as a Chef Rôtisseur before the open kitchen fire on that night as well.

While the menu changed slightly between the two evenings as the freshest of the fresh can vary the warmth and convivial atmosphere of the gathered Boston members and their guests was enough to melt the cold blasts of winter and bring thoughts of the coming spring to light.


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Tuesday February 28th &  

Wednesday March 1st

Chef Susan Regis has been creating cutting edge farm to table cuisine featuring wood fired cooking and together with Rene Becker of Hi-Rise Bread Co. and Peter McKenzie of Ribelle & Rialto they have collecting rave reviews.  The Boston Chaîne is excited to finally be filling their chef's table with gastronomers!       


 Vive la Chaîne!!

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