Culinary Training Volume 1 with Three Chaîne Chefs December 20th, 2016

John & Julia

The Premier of the 

Boston Chaîne

Culinary Training Program

Three Chefs
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Culinary Training Program

Tuesday December 20th, 2016


Boston University's 

Metropolitan College

Three Professional Chaîne Member-Chefs will be Teaching how to make a Raft of Hors D'oeuvres!

Bailli Provincial Nord Est Honoraire John J. Vhynanek (B.U.), Vice Concelier Culinaire Provincial Nord Est Honoraire Dean J. Lynch (Newbury College) and  Chef Rôtisseur & Culinary Instructor Nicholas Schiarizzi (B.U.) form our triumverate of talented Chef Instructors.

They will show you the what and how. 

Then you will enjoy the fruits of the labors with with paired wines      


Vive la Chaîne!

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